In our fast-paced and stressful lives it is comforting to visit with an angel on a regular basis. The following are some guidelines for a wonderful meditation tool that will create a healing oasis in your day.

During a quiet interlude in your day, settle into a comfortable spot. Take a few deep breaths into your lower belly, feel your feet touching the ground. Shut your eyes, empty your mind, and ask for one of the four Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel) to be with you. Sit with this invitation for 10 minutes or longer. Do it once a day for 3 weeks.

After a little practice, you are likely to feel the effects of angelic meditation. Angels will appear, either in physical form or just beneath your conscious mind, to help you through your day. Thus, when you endure a grueling drive home after work, an angel will help you remain relaxed and peaceful during your commute.

Intimidated by a high-stress interview you are walking towards, you will feel an angel on your shoulder, encouraging you to retain your balance and power.

Alienated by an endless stream of strangers rushing by, you may hear or sense an angel calling your name from a nearby park. Wherever you happen to be, take a moment to look. Atop a monument, under a bridge, in a lobby, perched on a co-worker’s desk, the angels have taken up their posts and are waiting to show you the way.

While communing with any member of the celestial population, remember that you are engaged in a heaven-on-earth encounter, offering you a pleasurable and healing experience. Have fun and be open to the companionship of your divine friend. After you have developed this practice for a few weeks, try sitting with your eyes closed in this quiet meditation, and ask your Archangel to clarify their purpose for being with you. In the end, you may decide to meditate with the angels any time you feel stressed or depleted. My sincere hope is that each time you reconnect with the angels, you will feel the renewed strength of your spirit. May you enjoy your adventure and, above all, deepen your relationship with the glorious beings who are watching over you.


Author: Sylvia Moss is a renowned fine arts photographer and author of the book “Angels of New York,” a stunning visual journey of the spectacular displays of angels that grace New York architecture. Sylvia brings her unique perspective as an international sound and energy healer to her work. She is passionate about helping people be well and transform with the healing energy of angels. Sylvia’s angels have been exhibited in many New York and US galleries, MoMA Wales, and private collections.