Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Beloved Brings of Light, at this time of the Solstice we, the Family of Angels, come to share with you in the Radiant Rebirthing of the Light!

This is a very special year end, for much has changed in your physical reality in 2014! But know that you are standing on the threshold of a New Dawn and a New Age of Magic and Abundance.

As you move forward, we, the Angelic Families and the Archangels, are assisting in the anchoring of the Diamond Light Grids and the opening of the Flow of Divine Magic to the Earth. In 2015 this Flow of Magic will be strengthened and intensified, bringing waves of Blessings and Abundance to those who are open to these possibilities.

Beloved Ones, in New York City, you will be guided and protected by the Angels of the City, and by the radiant blue light of Archangel Michael and the Elohim Angels. It may be true that, at times, you may see chaos and feel anxiety on the physical plane, but know that you are safe and protected. We, your Angelic Family, stand ready to assist you to empower yourselves and to remember who you are, that like us, you are a part of the Divine Family of Light.

Beloveds, you are powerful Beings of Light in Human Form. Do not fear or be anxious. Know that you are Spiritual Warriors with the strength and courage to make the choices that will bring you home to Abundance and Love. Know too, that you are entering a powerful time of Love and Blessings from the Divine Heart.

At this moment of the Solstice, as the Earth moves into the rebirthing Path of Light, breathe deeply of that Light and allow that Light to fill your Light Body and every cell in your Physical Body. Feel the Light, the Diamond Light, vibrating in every cell, in every chakra and deep within your soul essence. Open your hearts and your hands to receive the blessings of Divine Abundance that come to you as gifts, and express your gratitude from your hearts!

The Flow of Magic will bring you all that you desire. You simply need to raise your consciousness and your frequency so that the powerful Angelic Diamond Fire may align your beautiful Light Body with the Flow of Divine Blessings from the Heart of the Divine. Be in Peace, in Tranquility, in Serenity, and be in harmony with all life on Planet Earth. And then you will also be in harmony with the Flow of Divine Magic.

We wish you all a Magical 2015 and many Adventures of Light with the Angels of New York.

Author: We wish to thank our special guest writer Celia Fenn PhD with Archangel Michael for their beautiful Winter Solstice 2014 message. Celia is the channel for Archangel Michael and an author. Her new book is “The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality” available on her web site