Experience the exquisite beauty of New York City and its Angels

with this unique photographic guidebook

Angels of New York

A meditative photographic journey through New York City.


Experience the sublime beauty of the Angels of New York with exquisite images and writings of acclaimed photographer and author, Sylvia Moss. Angels of New York invites us to bask in the healing majesty of Gabriel, Michael, and the myriad other angels that grace New York City.

The book is not only a dynamic art and architecture book it is also a spiritual book. Meditate with these angels in quite reflection to still your mind, calm your body, and feed your soul. It can be enjoyed for its sheer beauty, or can be used as a portal to a calmer more present and peaceful life.

“A timeless classic for healers, art lovers, and spiritual seekers everywhere”

NewLife Magazine

“Angels of New York is a magical array of artful imagery to enlighten the soul.”

Deborah Pietsch

TV Host, Producer and spiritual teacher; Los Angeles, CA

“Angels of New York is a legacy that many generations will enjoy. It is a classic masterpiece and is museum material.”

Jay Emmanuel Morales, AK,

author The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations; New York, NY

“Angels of New York is an exquisite book, created and photographed by, Sylvia Moss. Her book truly invokes the presence of the Angels for me.”

Elizabeth Mailer

writer; New York, NY

Calling All Angel Lovers and Spiritual Seekers Everywhere

Do you race about the city preoccupied, anxious, and hurried? Let the angels transport you out of the mad rush of daily life.

“Angels of New York” can shift your whole energy, wellbeing, and outlook on life.

“Angels of New York”– enjoy this book for its sheer beauty, or use as a portal to a calmer, more peaceful life.

Art lovers – feast upon some of the most gorgeous art the city has to offer.

Meditators – take your meditation to a deeper level—sit in enchanted silence.

One and all – take an unforgettable tour of a new and magical New York you’ve never seen before.

“Angels of New York” Is an heirloom book with Museum-quality printing and world-class photography,

A Perfect gift for the Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion.

Truly a Book for All Seasons.

Angels of New York Book

Experience the sublime beauty of the “Angels of New York” with the exquisite images and writings of acclaimed photographer and author, Sylvia Moss

“Stunning piece of art history is an illuminating guidebook to New York City”



your experience of the City with this stunning and unique guide to New York.


to the sensory beauty of the angels on a forgotten afternoon—allow time to disappear.


with these angels in quiet reflection to still the mind, calm the body, and feed the soul.